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ECOLE Best Club is a meeting point for the teachers with valuable international project experience and those who are on their way to start cooperation on international level.  So we invite you, teachers, to submit your materials or just learn about what teachers have already accomplished in their work.

Useful Tools
An advisory service on educational ICT tools will be provided in this page. How to  choose and implement them in my class? If you are a teacher and you found an interesting tool for Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, please send an e-mail to us! We are interested in sharing info on educational collaborative tools and to make these pages more useful

Distance Training
Since spring 2003 ECOLE BEST will offer to its members on line sessions for training teachers on Advanced Technologies for Education.


As you know, ECOLE’s overall objective is that of creating a learning community of teachers and pupils within compulsory education involved in project-based learning experiences supported by the educational use of ICT.

In the frame of ECOLE, BEST activities aim at:
- developing an interactive platform to collect best practices,
- disseminate information and
- develop interactive resources to teachers involved in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.

Discussion FORUM

We wish to collect and present projects selected as ECOLE BEST practice, so here you can find both, examples and project descriptions, provided by the BEST members who submitted them. You are kindly invited to take a look and also to submit your project that proved to be successful.

This section includes useful readings and resources for implementing a Computer Supported Collaborative Project.

Useful Links
We also geather useful internet links for different topics concerning internet projects, environments,
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning etc.

Join Us
Become one of ECOLE BEST teachers! Join in our networked activity advising us of best practices that you have developed or have been in contact with.


For info concerning a specific project please contact the contact person as indicated in each page.
For further information on ECOLE BEST pages, and for submitting materials to be published, please contact us. Just click on the names below and send them a letter.

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