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We present you


Alessandra Talamo
Patrizia Corasaniti
Rosy Chiummo
Viljenka Savli
Jana Knez
Francisca Soares
Joaquim Ribeiro
José Tomé


Nick Hoebe
Geir Olafsen


Meeri Sild
Michael Scharff
Czeck Republic
Jindrich Krous
Lucía Negredo
Annika Henryson

Let's present the members of our commettee in picture and text.

Alessandra Talamo - Italy
Hello! Let me welcome all of you!
My name is Alessandra Talamo and I work as a researcher at the Dept. of Social and Developmental Psychology of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". I'm involved in several projects dealing with the pedagogical use of ICT in education and in virtual professional training. Together with others here I'm coordinating the ECOLE BEST committee. If you want to know more on teachers' BEST clubs just send an email to me.

Patrizia Corasaniti - Italy
Hallo, I'm Patrizia Corasaniti and I am a Primary Teacher at 1° Circolo Didattico in Rome. I have been involved since 5 years in the following Comenius 1.1  Projects "Children across Europe" and "Art through children's eyes and PCmouse" . The last one  is coordinated by the fantastic and great Vilienka Savli. I am the founder and the coordinator of Centro Friend, an Italian virtual community  of Primary School Teachers of Foreign Languages and since last year I have been  cooperating with the University La Sapienza where I am in charge of the setting up of the ECOLE Best Club Community.

Rosy Chiummo - Italy
Hello! My name is Rosaria Chiummo and I teach Italian, English and History at a Primary school in Rome, Italy. My school takes part in a Comenius1 project TELL ME! in which are involved schools from Norway and Portugal; we already have a project website where you can see the Try out Project we carried out last year. In september 2002 I had the opportunity to participate in the Ecole Conference "Bridges for Learning" held in Prague, where I met very special people. Since then I began to collaborate with the Ecole network. In december 2002, with Alessandra Talamo and Patrizia Corasaniti, we build up the Ecole Best Club  website that we presented during the ECOLE-ESP Conference 2003 "Bridging Best Practices", held in Rome. At present I'm involved, together with the above mentioned persons and other ECOLE members, in the development of the Best Club webpages.

Viljenka Savli - Slovenia
I’m Viljenka Savli, a teacher of English from Nova Gorica, Slovenia. I’ve been working as a teacher of English at
Solkan Primary School, but on the other hand I’m also a sociologist and I like studying human relationships. I’m engaged in different activities:
- Early English Learning
- The co-author of course book for early learning My sails
- The use of computers in teaching English
- The use of CD-ROMs in teaching English
- a coordinator of Comenius 3.1 project
- a partner of ECOLE Comenius 3.3 project
- EUN Virtual School Primary department
- MyEurope and eSchola projects
- I*EARN, KIDLINK and ESP projects on Internet
I’m also a teacher trainer and I prepare seminars on distance learning, project work on internet, early learning of English… I try to enrich the on-line materials for students and teachers. I'm a member of
MIRK – we organize teacher trainings and international conferences on ICT and project work.

Jana Knez - Slovenia
Hi! I'm Jana Knez. My daughter, Nataša is 17 and she attends the Secondary School in Ljubljana. (I'm a few years older, 41). We both love music, films and travelling. Besides that I also love dancing and sauna. I'm good at writing articles. I'm lucky, because my husband is a computer expert – I need a lot of help!
I'm a teacher of English at a Primary level. My pupils are between 11 and 15 years old. I have participated in Comenius and Tempus projects. I also took part in two international courses in Turku, Finland where I met some great experts on Educational Technology. I love young learners, singing, funny stories and project work. Many pupils in Ljubljana have computers, so they can use Internet, CD-ROMs and various electronic dictionaries at home (home computing). In my MA thesis (in 2003) I wrote about the role of IT in a language classroom. I analysed international projects (Comenius) in Slovenia and I focused on good practice of Slovene teachers and pupils. I presented my research in Piran, on an international conference. I would like to thank everybody who helped me during the research, especially teachers and pupils from Primary School Pišece, and my special friends Matjaž (Primary School Krško), Majda (Primary School Pivka) and Viljenka (Primary School Solkan)!

Francisca Soares - Portugal
Hello, I'm Francisca Soares. I'm a teacher of Portuguese and English in a Basic School in Portugal, called Escola Básica 2, 3 da Cruz de Pau. My pupils are between 10 and 12 years old. I have been involved with my students in many European projects, namely Tell me! -and Building Understanding and Friendship among our Schools .  I am also the Co-ordinator in Portugal for the European Schools Project - and a member of the consortium ECOLE-network . I am a mother of two lovely daughters: Marta, aged 11 and Bárbara, aged 17. During my scarce spare time I like reading, collecting things, going for a walk to the beach (especially during Winter) and gardening.

Joaquim Ribeiro - Portugal
My name is Joaquim Ribeiro and I teach Physics and chemistry at a Secondary level in Portugal (Ancorensis Cooperativa de Ensino). I was three years involved in a Comenius 1.1. Project named "Inland waters: economic and ecologicaly important?" with three schools (Portugal, France and Greece). Now I'm envolved in another Comenius 1.1. project named "Rural cultivations wich lead to traditional production of alcohol". We are on the second
year of the project and there are four school (Portugal, Spain,
France and Italy). Furthermore I work with you on the Ecole-network and now, I expect more, on the Ecole Best. We have some projects together with some schools, more on sports, but we have to develop it more to be a real network.

José Tomé – Portugal
Hello, I’m José Tomé and I am a Secondary Teacher at Escola Secundária Públia Hortênsia de castro in Vila Viçosa, Portugal. I have been in the Comenius 1 project “Comparing European Education Systems” and in the Leonardo Project “STTAR”. I am also involved in the Viktor Muuli project “Bye, bye Summer” since Prague Ecole conference.

Nick Hoebe - Netherlands
53 years old, married to Tonny, father of 4 sons (19,20,25 and 27), teacher of science for 30 years already, also international co-ordinator for my school.
I’m one of the two Dutch co-ordinators for the European School Project and also I am the secretary of Workshop European School Project. This is a foundation that does do international work as well.
I may say that I am involved in international projects for 7 years now. I started a Comeniusproject for my school with a Finnish and an Italian school. I created some international projects where many school participated in and still do participate (Smyle, 20 Questions, Springproject, Tell me a story) and at the moment I’m involved in another Comeniusproject with a Norwegian and a Czech school.
Other interests are birdwatching, trainspotting, painting and travelling.

Geir Olafsen - Norway
My name is Geir Olafsen,  I am a teacher at Avaldsnes elementary school, grade 7. Avaldsnes is situated on an island on the west coast of Norway. My students are 12 years old. I teach languages, (Norwegian and English), maths and social studies. At my level social studies means history and geography. There are 28 students in my class. We're well equipped, we have ten computers, a digital camera, a digital camcorder and two scanners in our classroom. (OK: This is highly unusual in our country). Our school has  been involved in a Comenius project called "Amities sans frontiers" or "Friends without borders" as it was called in English. The project finished two and a half years ago, and involved schools from France, Italy, England and Romania and Norway. My class has also participated in a project called "The Island of the Sagas" This was also a European project.Two years ago we also finished a multimedia project based on Norwegian history.

Meeri Sild - Estonia

Michael Scharff - Denmark

Jindrich Krous - Czeck Republic

Lucía Negredo  - Spain
My name is Lucía and I have worked as a language teacher ( English, Spanish and Catalan) for 16 years in the school Joan XXIII in
Hospitalet, a small town near Barcelona. I'm also the head of Foreign Languages Department. I've taken part in some programmes of students exchange with schools from Britain and Germany. And I have also taken part in three Comenius projects. At present I'm teaching English to students aged from 13 to 18 years old. I'm not very good at ICT but I'm trying my best to take the most of New Technologies possibilities and effects in language teaching. I find ICT a good motivating opportunity to encourage students in learning languages which allow them world-wide communication. TEACHING IS CHANGING!!!!! All the best for the Best Committee!!!

Annika Henryson - Sweden
Hello,my name is Annika Henryson and I'm a maths and science teacher, but the last two years I have been working as a ICT-specialist at the Pedagogical centre in Malmö, Sweden. I don´t have any students now, but among other things I teach teachers how to use IT in school. At present I'm starting up a new project called CultureQuest. The website is under construction, but please keep your eyes open for it later on.



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