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Become one of the ECOLE BEST   teachers!

 Best Experiences for Students and Teachers

Join in our networked activity advising us of best practices that you have developed or have been in contact with.
If you have already carried out projects based on Collaborative Learning and Educational use of ICT that you consider to be successful, and you want to share your experience with other teachers, please fill in the form (Choose between the options that fit you best. If you choose the .rtf document it may happen that you are asked for the password but don't worry, just clik Cancel and you will get the document.)

- form for submission - English version
- form for submission - Italian language
- form as a web page (you can save it and if you have a .HTM editor, you can fill it that way)

We kindly ask you to tick the accomplishment for publishing it on the web that appears at the bottom of the form and send it via e-mail to Patrizia Corasaniti and /or Rosy Chiummo so that you click the name in the bottom row.

All projects submitted will be reviewed by a committee of teachers.

Teachers who co-operate will have the possibility of becoming honorary members of the ECOLE  BEST Club

 Best Experiences for Students and Teachers

A certificate of this status will be directly mailed to the contact person who fills the form.

The results of the uptake will be presented at the 2nd ECOLE Conference in Prague.

If you are uncertain about how to fill in the form, please have a look at this one:

Il mito di Atlantide

We'd like to show you an example of a successful project:

Getting around Rome Primavalle”

Thank you for your co-operation and if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click on the names below if you want to submit a presentationl:
patrizia corasaniti
maria rosaria chiummo:

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