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ECOLE best projects

Project presentations or Pilot ECOLE Projects

Try-out projects designed in the framework of the ECOLE-network have been implemented and are being developed by partner schools all over Europe. Find more about these projects by surfing their Websites.
Small and Big Moon
Tell Me!
Bye Bye, Summer

Are you looking for a partner to develop an international collaborative project? Have a look at the project proposals available.

Are you interested in developing a CSCL project and you need partners? Advertise your project here.


Project of the month


Special occasion projects       NEW!!!

Art Gallery - Spring day project

TeenTour- Sports: Olympic disciplines


Comenius 2.1
The Promise project
he PROMISE (the PROject Method In School projects through E-learning)  project offers to schools a structured and tested  method that can, after training, be used by all European teachers to ensure the educational outcome in a project being in line with the
objectives and standards set up.

Comenius 1
Three of ECOLE-network try-out projects have been approved as Comenius projects and represent cooperation of different schools all over Europe:
Art through Children's eyes
Teen Tour
Tell Me!






The list of ECOLE Best Practice - Best-English | Best-Italian | Best-Slovenian | Best-Portuguese

Call for Submissions
If you want to submit your project fill in the form and send it to
Patrizia Corasaniti.
The form is available in English and other language  versions.

Forms for project submission
Click the chosen link and save the document to your computer. Keep your summaries short. Thank you.

- English form
- Italian form

- Slovenian form
- Portuguese form

Here is the list of projects selected as ECOLE BEST practices. You can find both examples and project descriptions provided by the BEST members who submitted them.

List of submitted forms
If you visit the links below you can view the webpages of best projects and the detailed description of the project in the submitted form.

Forms are:
written in English
written in Italian

written in Slovenian
written in Portuguese

Click on the names below if you want to submit a presentation:
patrizia corasaniti
maria rosaria chiummo:

Best-English | Best-Italian | Best-Slovenian | Best-Portuguese

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