Internet is all around nowadays, also in education. One of Internet’s educational applications is encompassed in the concept of ‘tele-trip’ or the Teleproject: cooperative projects in which teachers and their pupils use electronic mail to exchange information, data, opinions, etc., on many different subjects with colleagues and peers abroad. For the written ‘tele-conversation’ often a foreign language is needed, as a medium, and as a learning and teaching opportunity.

These teleprojects have been taken thousands of times over the past ten years. The necessary educational, organisational and technological support for the projects is organised within the European Schools Project, a network of hundreds of schools and other educational institutions in many countries of Europe and beyond.

A couple of years ago, it was decided to make available ‘examples of good practice’. Materials were produced for the teleproject ‘Das Bild der Anderen’, in which all kinds of aspects of contemporary life are electronically discussed by teenagers using the German language. Information about the latest, German edition from Oct. 2000 can be found here: Also for the teleproject ‘Aquarhine’, in which observations of geographical, chemical and biological aspects of river water are exchanged using the English language, teaching materials were produced.

By making these examples available and by supporting the introduction and implementation in schools, many teachers have experienced the benefit of teletrips for the quality of education.

‘The Image of the Other’ is another example of good practice. It is meant to be used in English lessons, and preferably in lessons for English as a second language. Together with the ‘Pupil’s Pages’ this Web-manual offers a complete scenario for planning, undertaking and evaluating this teleproject.

You can use the materials to your own needs and wants, but we like to ask you the following:

  • If you need a partner, please enter your information on this portal front page There you can aslo twin your class with some other already submitted class.

  • Please enter your project in our database

  • Please remember: in addition to some funding many volunteers have worked to create these materials and ESP's Support System. Respect that and give proper credits: refer to this website when you use or quote The Image of the Other.

Enjoy yourselves!!!



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