Letter 10: The Image



This will be the last letter of the project.

To check what kind of image the pupils have built up of their partners, they will have to write down everything they know about them.
They will be asked to tell what they know about:

  1. Their partner's family and home.
  2. Their partner's school.
  3. Their partner's hobbies and friends.
  4. Their partner's environment.

The pupils are allowed to use the letters they have received to look up the information they need.
Perhaps some of your pupils would like to continue writing by ordinary mail, or by e-mail, at the end of this series of letters.
Discuss with your colleague whether or not you will let them exchange snail-mail addresses. 
Explain to them that if they go on writing, they will have to decide who will write the first "ordinary" letter now.  
Very often, they have great expectations about writing regularly but when they all wait for their first letter to arrive and no one takes the initiative their enthusiasm will soon fade away.
Try to stimulate your pupils to continue writing or to find new partners as soon as possible.
For a lot of children, this project could be the first step towards friendships all over the world.  


1. Let them start with a goodbye letter and put the answers to the questions at the end.

2. Let them use the questions as bricks and construct a letter as they have done in some of the previous themes.  

Decide, together with your colleague, which option you will use before you start on this letter.




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