Letter 3: My school

My class is Very Quiet


The first letters have given the students a good insight into each other's personal background. Now, the school should be introduced. Again, students will be given a questionnaire to help them write their letters.

It may be a useful idea to go through some of the questions together with the students. In this way, you will avoid endless questions about the number of students at school, etc.

In the Words and Sentences part of the pupil's page, a large number of school subjects is given. Point out to the students which subjects apply to them and what they could tell about them. Obviously, these subjects differ from country to country.

Make sure the students give their personal views of the school. Let them be frank and reveal their likes and dislikes. It will give their partners a good insight into their personal opinion on education and educators.  Keep in mind that there is a possibility that students will give too many negative opinions about their school. If this is not the type of information you would like to have conveyed to the other school, you may find it necessary to discuss this beforehand - also with your partner. Freedom of speech should be allowed, but only to a certain degree.

Other ideas

A       After writing the letters students can produce Webpages where they make a virtual tour of  their school using photos and / or small vide oclips. 

Starting at the entrance of the school students can photograph / film several places at school, such as normal classrooms, special-subject room - Chemistry, Art, Music, ICT lessons and so on - the library, the students' room, the canteen, outdoor spaces, the playground, the gymnasium, etc. To create the Webpages they need the photos / films taken beforehand to which they add descriptions of the places featured.

B        All the mentioned work can also be done in word processor and saved as documents and attached to the e-mails.

C       The students can also produce a video about their school (taken by a digital camera and sent via e-mail or by a normal videocamera and sent via snail-mail).

D       As a conclusion to this work and a challenge for their partners the students will create an online multiple choice quiz of about 10 items. The questions asked in the quiz are based on the
          information provided in the virtual tour. This information is also vital for the partners to successfully accomplish  their task. 

The "questions" in the quiz, depend on the information available, but they can for instance include features such as:

  • the name of a special subject where something very specific is done 

  • guessing the correct origin of a small detail taken from one of the pictures  

  • the number of students in a certain class

  • ...



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