Letter 5: Details


This fifth letter consists of a list of questions which the pupils will have to answer. Unlike the other themes, this questionnaire is not meant to help them compose the letter.

The children who receive the answers will, of course, have the same list of questions. Therefore, it will not be necessary to let the pupils copy the questions. Just writing down the numbers before their answers will be sufficient.

The reason for using a list like this is to give the pupils clearer, more factual information about their partner's environment and culture. The confidential questions are added for fun.

Some questions require an answer in US dollars. Before you start you will have to look up the current rate of exchange.  

This theme, and themes 6 and 7, can all be sent on the same date. Each is in the form of a questionnaire. You will not have to wait for an answer first.

Explain that the pupils will still have to add their informal comments at the end of their letters, even though they may not yet have received answers to earlier questions.

Answer the questions yourself too and send them to your colleague. This will give an adult view on things as well.


1. Let the pupils answer all the questions as suggested above.

2. Select certain questions and let them give elaborate answers to these.

Decide, together with your colleague, which option you will use before you start on this letter.  



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