Letter 6: My Diary


This theme is meant to give an insight into each other's daily life. By keeping a diary the children will share the experience of an ordinary school day and a Saturday.
They have to write down what they do every half hour of these days. Not only factual information, but they must also be encouraged to put their feelings about certain situations into writing as well.  

For instance:

07:00 : Got out of bed. I hate getting up early.

07:30 : Breakfast. I only eat toast in the mornings. I just had an argument with my brother about his using the shower too long.

08:00 : I go to school on foot. The weather is nice.

08:30 : English. My favourite subject! I forgot to do my homework but the teacher didn't check. Lucky me!

Emphasize that it is very important to add the extra comments. This will give their pals a good image of how they experience every-day life.

As with every letter, remind the pupils to react to the letter they received last and to add their own news.
As with the "Details letter", it is a good idea to keep a diary yourself and to send it to your colleague.  


1. Let them keep a diary as suggested above.
2. Use one hour periods instead of half hour ones

3. Let them report what they did in one day instead of two.  

4.  Suggest to use the same model applied to some “special days” (a festival, the first/last day of school, a  birthday...) and ask partners to work on it as well.  It could be interesting to see the differences in celebrating or spending occasions.  Guide them in understanding particular traditions or cultural aspects they don’t know.  Pictures/ drawings can always be added to the diaries. 

Decide, together with your colleague, which option you will use before you start on this letter.    



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