Letter 8a: My hometown and my region


This letter is going to be about the pupilsí hometown/region.The idea is not to give a geographical or historical description, but to take a look through the eyes of the children. They must indicate what they like and dislike about their own hometown/region.

If you have used the previous theme, you know that the students had to answer a number of questions. They also had to predict their partners' answers. Stress that they should include the number of correct predictions to the questions in letter 7 in this letter. They could also count how many times their answers were the same and possibly comment on this.

After writing this letter students can be challenged with different assignments. It's up to you and your colleague to decide if you want your students to do all or just one:

1. gather information about the partnersí hometown/region and ask questions/curiosities

2. collect useful links of their own hometown/region and publish or e-mail them to the partners

3. prepare a leaflet (booklet) about their own hometown/region  called "Our hometown/region  viewed by the eyes of class ...":

         each pupil will choose from his/her letter one thing they like and one thing they dislike about their hometown/region

         they should create illustrations (either photos or drawings) for these two things;

         all the children will be represented in this booklet through his/her sentences as well as the illustrations to go along with them

4. build WebPages about the partners' hometown/region  with the info gathered during a chat:

         each class prepares a questionnaire about the partners' hometown/region ;

         organise a chat session between the two classes (depending on the number of students you can divide the class in two and have different chat sessions)

         the objective of the chat session is that all the questions are answered by the partners

5. organise videoconference about the topics mentioned above if there is that technical possibility.

Remember that beforehand you have to discuss these ideas with your partners and decide if you want to develop all the activities or just some of them. It will greatly depend on the technical possibilities you have at school and on the willingness of your students as well.



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