Letter 5: Details



our partner knows quite a lot about you now, but in this letter you are going to tell even more about your country, culture and personal preferences. You will have to give more details.


There are 36 questions which you will have to answer. It is possible that you have already written about some of the subjects mentioned here. You will only have to write down the number of the questions and your answers.
Start this letter as you always do. Then write down your personal details and answer the questions. In this letter, you do not use the answers as bricks, but you will have to answer them as in a test.
At the end, you can answer the questions your partner may have asked you in his/her last letter. Finish off with your personal news.


Hint 5

Do you still remember these words?
address - apartment - every - goodbye - received believe - very with? 

Build your letter

You could start with:

This time I am going to give you some more details about me and my country. I have not copied the questions but I have just put the numbers of the questions down. You can find the questions in your copy of The Image.

A. Surname:
B. Initials:
C. Nationality:
D. Date of birth:
E. Place of birth:
F. Country of residence:


1. Were you born in the area (city, country) where you live now?
2. If not, where were you born?
3. What languages do you speak?
4. Which language do you speak at home?
5. How so you make important decisions in your family?
6. How do you greet your friends?
7. How do you greet your relatives (aunts, uncles, parents..)?
8. Are you religious? If yes, what is your religion?
9. Is religion important to your family?
10. How do you celebrate a birthday?
11. How do you celebrate Christmas?
12. How do you celebrate New Year's Eve?


13. What do you think of your country's climate? Why?
14. Describe last year's summer.
15. Describe last year's winter.
16. How many people live in your area (town, city, village..)?
17. How many people live in your country?
18. Describe your country's flag.
19. Mention 3 famous things from your country (museums, famous people, food....).

To be able to answer the next questions, you will have to know what the exchange-rate of US dollars is. All the questions about money will have to be answered in US dollars:

$1 =....
$100 =....

20. If you were given $50 today, what would you buy?
21. How much pocket money do you get and what do you spend it on?
22. Do you get paid to do jobs around the house? If so, how much?
23. How much is a Big Mac meal?
24. How much is a six pack of Coke?
25. How much is a CD that is number one in the charts?
26. How much is it to rent the latest video for one day?
27. What is the name of your own currency?
28. How much is $100 in your currency?


29. What is your favourite food?
30. Where would you like to go to on holiday?
31. Who is your best friend from outside school?
32. Is money important to you? Why (not)?
33. What time do you have to go to bed during the week?
34. Mention three important things in your life at the moment.
35. If you could make three wishes, what would you wish for?
36. Now you can add some personal information. Do not ask the same things as in the previous questions because your partner works with the same book!



Antillean German presents
birthday cake  Hindi priest
Boxing day  Hindu protestant
candles honeymoon rice
Chinese Islam Roman Catholic 
church Italian Spanish
Christmas tree  Japanese Surinam
containers Moroccan temple
Danish Mass Turkish
Dutch Moslem Urdu
fireworks mosque Vietnamese
French party

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