Letter 7: Do you really know each other?



By now, you know a lot about your partner's life, but do you know all his/her preferences? Would you know how he/she would react in certain situations? If you are not sure, guess.

Write a personal letter. Do not make it too short. Tell the latest news and react to the last letter you have received. There are no bricks to help you this time.

When there is piant in my teacher's chair I'll warn him.


Hint 7 

Why don't you ask your relatives the same questions? Try to predict their answers. Impress them with your English by reading out the questions to them.

Build your letter
Answer the questions about your general preferences at the end of the letter. Write down what you think your partner's answers will be as well.

Copy the number of the question, the underlined word and the two answers. You must choose one of the three possible answers even though your real preference may not be mentioned.

When you answer the questions regarding the situations, you will only have to write down the underlined words that are in your answers.

Your name  Partner's name 
1. colour  red blue
2. taste  sweet sweet


1. What colour of paint would you choose for your bedroom?

A. red
B. blue
C. yellow

2. Which taste do you like best?

A. salt
B. sour
C. sweet

3. What food do you like best?

A. meat
B. fish
C. vegetables

4. What is your favourite kind of weather?

A. rainy and windy
B. frost and snow
C. hot and sunny

5. What is your favourite holiday destination?

A. Spain
B. Norway
C. America

6. What is your favourite subject at school?

A. English
B. Mathematics
C. Physical Education

7. Your favourite way of travelling long distances is:

A. by car
B. by train
C. by plane

8. When do you go to bed at night?

A. around 21.00
B. around 22.00
C. around 23.00

9. What is your favourite place to go to on a Saturday night?

A. youth club
B. cinema
C. disco

10. What kind of take-away food do you prefer?

A. Italian food
B. Chinese food
C. hamburgers

11. What would you like to get on your birthday?

A. money
B. a new bike
C. a surprise gift

12. Your favourite music is:

A. heavy metal
B. rap
C. reggae

13. You hate people who:

A. lie
B. gossip
C. fight



14. You love people who:

A. help you
B. you can trust
C. listen to your problems

15. When you grow up you want to work:

A. outside
B. in an office
C. in a shop

16. Your favourite animal is:

A. a horse
B. a dog
C. a cat

17. The animals you don't like are:

A. spiders
B. snakes
C. mice

18. Your favourite sport to take part in is:

A. football
B. volleyball
C. basketball

19. The sport you like watching on television:

A. athletics
B. motorsports
C. tennis

20. Later if you are rich you will buy:

A. a sailing-yacht
B. a Porsche
C. a Harley Davidson

21. You are at the cash desk of the supermarket. The girl gives you the wrong change. It's too much. What would you do?

A. tell her straight away and give back the money.
B. say goodbye and keep the money yourself.
C. go home and ask what you should do with it.

22. Your best friend has been going steady with someone for a year. At a party you see that her/his boy/girlfriend is kissing someone else. What would you do?

A. go to your friend and tell him/her about what you saw.
B. keep it a secret and not tell anyone.
C. go to the boy/girlfriend and tell him/her not to cheat on your best friend.

23. Your teacher is going to sit on his/her chair but you see that there is some wet paint on it. What would you do?

A.keep quiet.
B.warn him/her.

24. You have got an important history test. One of your classmates has stolen the questions from the teacher's desk, if you want you can have a look at them. What would you do?

A.say thank you but refuse.
B.go to the teacher and warn him/her.
C.say thank you and copy the questions.

25. You are in a bus. It is very busy. You have got a seat but an old lady has to stand. What would you do?

A. offer your seat.
B. wait till somebody else offers her a seat.
C. look outside and forget about her.



The first thing you will have to tell your partner in your next letter is how many times he/she guessed right. You could also count in how many cases your answers were the same!  

After receiving the letters collect all the answers - your partners' and yours - to the quiz.

With the collected answers build bar charts. You can use different colours to differentiate the answers given by your partners from the ones given by you. You'll easily observe the differences and similarities between the two classes as far as each question is concerned.

You can introduce these bar charts in Web pages or use them for a school exhibition held at school where you'll show all the school community some of the products you have accomplished during the exchange of letters with your partners.

Here is an example of the 1st question of the quiz where the three countries are represented in different colours.




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