The Image of the Other
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ESP 2015 IZMIR, Kusadasi, Turkey
ESP 2014 Bolzano, Italy
ESP 2013 Gouda, Netherlands
ESP 2012 Haugesund, Norway
ESP 2011 Helsingor, Denmark
ESP 2010 London, United Kingdom
ESP 2009, Tartu - Estonia
ESP 2008 La Coruña, Spain
ESP 2007 Pjestany, Slovakia
ESP 2006 Amsterdam, NL
ESP 2005 Ecole and Comp@ct, Finland
ESP/ECOLE 2004 Prague, Czechia
ESP 2003 Rome ,Italy


Interview with Viljenka Savli
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Interview about The Image
The Image presentation in Brussels
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The Image has become a synonym or a brand for educational CSCL materials for languages.

In this 'The IMAGE' portal you can:

  • get materials ready to take and use directly in the classroom

  • search for the partner 

  • apply for the project.

  • suggest new ideas

  • ask for advice

  • discuss certain topics with colleagues around Europe

  • find examples of good practice

You can use the materials to your own needs and wishes, but we like to ask you the following:

  • If you need a partner, please enter your information on this portal front page. There you can also twin your class with some other already submitted class.

  • Please remember: in addition to some funding many volunteers have worked to create these materials and ESP's Support System. Respect that and give proper credits: refer to this website and to the ones in the different editions, when you use or quote The Image of the Other. Please see the Creative Commons.

Versions built on the same pedagogical ideas are available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Slovene and Danish. are accessible from the menu.


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Find your partner

The portal provides also a search tool for finding partners. Click the language link above and find the SEARCH tool  in the entering page of the language materials. For the time being there are search tools in English, French and Italian.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

If you have any special questions or if you need any special advice, you can mail them to our contact persons and we are going to publish the answers here.

Useful materials

The Image Flyer


The materials of The Image are suitable for use in the eTwinning (signed action agreement) which is a European initiative that adds to the network of the European Schools Project Association by providing a safe platform for collaboration on the Internet, pedagogical and technical tools, training workshops and advice to schools and teachers in Europe. Go to and search for partners in the eTwinning database of more than 12 000 schools (January 2006)


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